Using the Top Navigation Bar

The navigation bar is always present across the top of the 25Live interface to give you convenient access to the most used sections of the application:

Image: The top navigation bar provides an easy way to access common application sections.

Image: On mobile devices with narrow widths, the top navigation bar compresses options into the More menu on the right side.

The More Menu

Note: Your Menu Content May Differ

What you can see and do in 25Live depends upon how your instance has been configured by your 25Live Administrators and what permissions your user has been granted.

The expanded More menu offers easy navigation to the following:

Additional Navigation Elements

Just under the top navigation bar, there are additional navigation elements to help you quickly get to sections.

Image: Below the top navigation bar are additional, helpful elements including a search link and quick access to recently viewed items.

  • Go to Search
    • This link takes you to the main search screen where you can search for events, locations, resources, organizations, and tasks.
  • Recently Viewed
    • This dropdown menu contains a list of the last objects (events, locations, resources, and organizations) you've viewed in this session.
  • Help