25Live Publisher Overview

Welcome to the 25Live Publisher Overview. This article walks you through the full Publisher Cycle, beginning with preparatory steps and ending with post-cycle analytics and maintenance.

What is Publisher?

Publisher is a tool that uses 25Live data to populate calendars that can then be customized to fit the functional and aesthetic needs of your institution. Publisher provides a variety of formatting options for event data, including basic calendars, rolling lists, and tile views. Once a feed is customized, Publisher generates code that can be embedded into public-facing or internal websites.

This Publisher Overview is divided into three sections:

Pre-Publisher Cycle

These five sub-sections walk you through the process of preparing your 25Live environment for use with Publisher. Topics include: conceptualizing how your institution will administer Publisher, building out security groups to reinforce your desired framework, identifying which events should be published, and preparing your 25Live data for publication.

Publisher Cycle

Once preparatory steps are complete, you are ready for the Publisher Cycle. These four sub-sections outline the process of generating and publishing calendars – creating searches in 25Live, using those searches to build calendar feeds in Publisher, customizing those calendar feeds to fit your institution's brand, and embedding Publisher spud code into your institution's website. 

Post-Publisher Cycle

These two sub-sections cover subsequent steps related to the Publisher Cycle: running analytics and maintaining your published calendars.

Steps in Publisher Implementation

Getting Started

Please contact your Account Manager to receive your 25Live Publisher account credentials.

Got Feedback?

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