Managing Publisher Feeds

Security Note:

To access the Publisher Overview, your 25Live user must have Publisher credentials, as well as the following security permission set in Series25 Group Administration: Admin: 14.0 Create Publisher Feeds.

If you would like access to Publisher, contact your 25Live administrator.

Use the Publisher Overview page to review and manage the data feeds that have been sent to 25Live Publisher from your Publisher logon. You can use the Open 25Live Publisher link above the list to log directly into the Publisher.

Publisher Overview pageImage: Publisher Overview page.

Note: Multiple Users

If multiple users are sharing a single Publisher username/password, the user feeds of all those users are displayed when you log in.

To Manage the Display of Information

  • Turn a data column on or off using the Choose Columns button.
  • Sort the displayed list alphabetically (A - Z or Z - A) by using the Object/Group column header.
  • Use the navigation controls below the list to move up or down in the list and to select the number of items you want to be displayed on each list page.

To Search for a Feed

1. Enter Name

Enter all or part of an Object/Group name or a Calendar name in the Search field and press Enter.

2. Restore Feeds

Click the Clear link to restore the full list of feeds.

Searches are not case-sensitive, so you can enter any combination of upper- and lowercase letters. You can enter a word fragment if it appears at the beginning of the word.

Data Columns

  • Update Now: To re-initialize the feed with complete event content
  • Object/Group: The source of data originally sent to Publisher -– either a single object (event or location) or a group of events or locations retrieved via a pre-defined search or user-created search criteria
  •  Status: the current feed status, specified by one of the following icons:
    • A green checkmark icon indicates the feed looks good. 
    • A warning icon indicates an error occurred the last time the feed was processed. An error might mean, for example, no events were returned for the feed, or the Publisher calendar no longer exists. You'll probably want to delete a feed with an error status.
  • Status Message: Details for an error status and recent update information for feeds with a success status
  • 25Live User: The 25Live username of the individual who created the send
  • Type: Whether the send was initialized for selected event(s) or location(s)
  • Calendar: The name of the Publisher calendar to which the data was sent. An entry displayed in red indicates the calendar no longer exists

  • Delete: To stop sending the feed

Warning: Don't change the Publisher Username or Password

Don't change the Publisher sign-in username or password of users who send feeds to Publisher. Each feed file is hard-coded to incorporate the 25Live Publisher username/password ID of the user who created that send, and a user's feeds will not automatically be maintained and updated by Publisher if their embedded username/password ID in existing feed files becomes invalid. Contact CollegeNET Support for assistance if you do need to change an existing Publisher sign-in.

Managing a Feed

Note: Check Your Settings

If your Publisher installation has been set up to optimize calendar maintenance, you shouldn't need to use this function.

  • To re-initialize that feed with complete event content, tap click the icon in the Update Now? column. The update may take a while. Note that using the Refresh link simply refreshes the current view, for example, to include any feeds that may have been sent, or deleted, by another user since you signed in to the view.
  • To stop sending the feed, tap or click the X in the Delete? column. The events last sent to a Publisher calendar from this feed will remain as is in the calendar (unless the calendar is deleted in Publisher).

Info: Setting Publisher Defaults

The Publisher Settings section in the 25Live System Settings provides the user interface for specifying Publisher defaults. These include display defaults for sending events to Publisher and the window limits to the number of days (past and future) for which events are fed to Publisher. Publishing window defaults are specified separately for events sent directly to Publisher and for events sent based on selected locations. These Publisher settings may be changed as needed.

For a full guide to using this feature, please see the 25Live Publisher Overview.