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 Series25 LYNX Interface

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Fast, Modern Syncing For Your SIS

The Series25 LYNX Interface works with:

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  • ...and other systems

LYNX is a completely web-based application designed for ease of use and very fast performance. The Interface ensures changes automatically flow back and forth in real-time with no manual intervention required. The Interface updates your Series25 database (including registered headcount) every 60 seconds, versus every 5-15 minutes with the older interfaces. Upgrading to LYNX provides more efficient communication between your SIS and the Series25 database while reducing your maintenance requirements.

Features and Benefits


Extremely fast data import and export times (just minutes to download an entire term of classes)


Automatic population of room assignments made in 25Live back to your SIS with data synchronization within one minute


Ability to manage date exceptions including exclusion, make-up, and conversion dates


Status check for interface processes, so users can easily confirm the interface is operating correctly


One-time data initialization – no-repeat data initialization required for current and future terms


"Smart binding" enables the automatic binding of cross-listed classes so only the meeting patterns that should be bound are affected

How does LYNX fit into Series25?

LYNX allows your student information system and other Series25 tools to share and appropriately update class section data. The Interface keeps the section data you are processing synchronized between your local database and your hosted Series25 database located on CollegeNET servers. LYNX also seamlessly delivers data to the Series25 Optimizer. LYNX is a significant upgrade that brings all your data together.

Minimal Presence With No Maintenance

The minimal LYNX-APP, a lightweight Java service, 
is the only installed presence for LYNX on your local server. Its primary job is to detect changes and move data, not to process it. LYNX exports raw, complete section data from the SIS to Series25 servers and only posts new location assignments back to the SIS. The result is highly efficient performance that requires no maintenance from your institution's IT staff.

If You’re Not Using LYNX Yet

The Interface is designed to move and track data between multiple SIS types and can also accommodate multiple 25Live instances. So, whether you're established with your current SIS, transitioning from one SIS to another, or sharing SIS data with multiple 25Live campuses, LYNX can easily accommodate your institution. 

If you aren’t using LYNX, we strongly recommend you talk to your Account Manager (series25implementation@collegenet.com) about upgrading to start experiencing the benefits. 

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