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Configuring groups

The Central Tool for Managing Group Access

Series25 Group Administration is a central place from which 25Live Administrators can set up and configure any aspect of the 25Live environment related to a group of user members (functional security, access to master definitions, preferences, and so on). You can create groups with their own unique set of enabled actions and characteristics, and administrators have the unique ability to aggregate permissions into new options for even easier security management.

Features and Benefits


Go to one convenient tool to manage all security groups and permissions


Select and configure settings for single or multiple groups


Modify specific permissions down to a granular level


Use new, conveniently aggregated basic, academic, and administrative security options


Easily view all activities group users can perform


Check interdependencies between options to ensure security groups are set up right


Perform advanced searches across groups, users, and permissions

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How does Group Administration fit into Series25?

The Series25 Group Administration tool allows you to set up any number of security groups whose membership comprises users with a similar job/use profile, including defining groups for internal vs external users, each with its own unique set of security access and assignment privileges. 

Group activities

How to Access Series25 Group Administration

See Accessing Group Administration.

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