In-Portland Classes

Training and Consulting Options

What are the benefits of a Portland class versus a Remote training?

Both options have some great benefits but taking a class in Portland allows you to train and gain insight from other Colleges and Universities with many different approaches to their business process. Classes in Portland often have more in terms of hands on lab components and the face-to-face contact adds an additional level of engagement you might miss in a virtual setting.

How do I register for a class?

For questions about classes, please send an email to Series25 Classes.

At this time, all in-person classes have been suspended due to COVID-19.

In Portland Classes
Using X25Next Offered: TBDThe training teaches participants how to generate X25 reports and use the reports to perform analysis to address specific questions related to classroom utilization.
Functional Administrator Boot CampNext Offered: TBDDevelop the skill set needed for maintaining a 25Live environment as a Functional Administrator. Learn the foundations of security, user management, day-to-day workflow, creating user training workshops, and many other topics related to 25Live administration. This course includes and encourages participation. New Functional Administrators can expect to leave this class with a clear expectation of their duties as well as a plan for training local users.

Additional Information

Licensing of the specific CollegeNET products covered in any given training class is a prerequisite for enrolling in that specific course. Additionally, recording of live classes is not permitted. If you have additional questions about registering for consulting, paying for consulting or arranging accommodations, please send an email to