About Eval25

Eval25 is the best faculty, course, and classroom evaluation system available to support new and important decisions you face in higher education with features for administrators, instructors, and students. 

  • Administrators: As an academic administrator, such as a dean or department head, you can use the Eval25 Course Evaluation System to see student course evaluation results
  • Instructors: As an instructor, you can use the Eval25 Course Evaluation System to see student course evaluation results for the courses you taught.
  • Students: Students can quickly view and complete convenient, easy-to-use faculty and space evaluations in minutes.

With Features To Help You Be More Successful 

  • Customizable All-Purpose Forms
    • Determine your own questions
    • Collect exactly the data you need
    • Evaluate a course, instructor, training session, classroom space, and more
  • Impactful Reporting
    • Advanced tools to let you customize, export, print, and share reports
    • Make informed, data-driven scheduling decisions
  • Measure Student Satisfaction
    • Understand room preferences across all spaces – including virtual
    • Factor in Space Satisfaction to maximize student engagement and retention
  • 25Live Scheduling Integration 
    • Import Space Satisfaction data directly into  your scheduling system
    • Enjoy smarter and more streamlined scheduling

How Does Eval25 Integrate With Other Series25 Tools?

In addition to all of the faculty and course evaluation tools customers rely on today, Eval25 will soon introduce a number of industry firsts:

  • Space Satisfaction — the new measurement of student and departmental preferences across all spaces, including virtual classrooms
  • Inter-institutional benchmarking — will allow you to compare your institution's level of Space Satisfaction against the Space Satisfaction average at other institutions using Eval25
  • Integration with 25Live scheduling so that during the assignment function, schedulers will be able to see for the first time which available spaces tend to generate the greatest satisfaction
  • Identifying and researching pedagogic trends and preferences, such as collaborative vs. independent learning styles, and on-campus vs. off-campus instruction preferences
  • Modeling for facilities construction and allocation

Additional Eval25 Features

  • Higher Participation and Faster Results
    • Track response activity in real time and send reminders to responders
    • Offer incentives – such as early access to grades – to encourage student participation
    • Factor evaluation data into scheduling and course offering decisions
  • More Reporting Options; More Useful Reports
    • Includes powerful tools for creating customized reports
    • Export reports in Excel or XML formats for further analysis and comparison
    • Print reports as PDFs to share the data you collect
  • Institutional Benchmarking and Modeling
    • Compare your institution’s Space Satisfaction against other institutions using Eval25
    • Build strategies for student retention, facilities construction, and space allocation
  • Data Integrates with 25Live Scheduling
    • Eval25 is part of the Series25 family of scheduling and space planning systems, enabling you to import crucial data directly into your 25Live scheduling system


If You’re Interested

Please contact your Account Manager (series25implementation@collegenet.com) to learn even more about Eval25 and see a demonstration.