About Series25

A Complete Solution

Series25 is the complete solution that works together to enable managers, schedulers, planners, and administrators to control all aspects of scheduling for events, event management, classroom scheduling, space and resource management, and reporting. Series25 is continually changing to better help your scheduling and facility and resource usage even more efficiently. We have worked hard with your help to make all the products and tools in Series25 SaaS-based for better performance and the opportunity to improve how our solution is structured.

CollegeNET SaaS Solutions

Our company has been providing SaaS technologies to higher education since 1995, the first scheduling company to do so. We are committed to providing solutions that are fast, easy-to-use, and reliably accessible 24x7 via the web. We have built (not outsourced) one of the safest, most reliable hosting environments in the industry, staffed by a team of experienced IT professionals. We also undergo regular SOC 2 and PCI-DSS audits of our hosting environment, ensuring an even greater level of data protection.

With all of our tools moved to SaaS hosting, the implementation of newer versions of 25Live, the development of the LYNX Interface, and upgrades to background services, we can now move on to bigger and better changes.

One Login for All Your Tools

Series25 will soon be a single application with a master framework to control authentication, user preferences, and user security rights to all Series25 tools. In the past, if you needed access to multiple tools, you needed separate logins -- as well as additional logins for some other tools. Under the new Series25 framework, one username and password will be all you need, with four types of Single Sign-On still supported.

Simplified, Faster Access to The Features You Use

Within our Series25 framework, you can offer your users faster, more direct access to the tools they need with unified security settings and user preferences. It will be easier than ever to work from one tool to the next with direct links, all on the same base URL, series25.com. You can easily grow and change your institution's use of Series25 for all types of users.

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