On Site Implementation of Series25 Security

Goal: Set up Series25 Functional Level Security, Assignment Policy, and Object Level Security.

Charge: Please contact your Series25 account manager for pricing information series25implementation@collegenet.com.

Description of Services:

A CollegeNET consultant will provide remote consulting via WebEx and conference call. The consultant will connect to the Customer's Series25 environment and perform the following:

  • Review business practice for alignment with 25live security
  • Review current Functional Level Security and Assignment Policy set-up, and make any needed changes.
  • Set up Functional Level Security including template groups.
  • Set up Assignment Policy on both Spaces and Resources
  • Set up Object Level Security on the Events (up to one year in the past and all future), Space, Resource, Organization and Report Directories
  • Set up Default Object Level Security in System Definitions
  • Enable Object Level Security so that it is being enforced
  • Train on how to maintain Security in both Administration and Configuration Utilities
  • The CollegeNET consultant will give a short write up, following the on site consultation, for future plans and necessary changes to establish a security road map

Customer Provided Resources: 

The following must be provided in preparation for and during the delivery of the service:

  • All implementation team members must be assigned and staffed prior to service deliver.  See the implementation checklist for team member roles and assignments.

  • Access to all Series25 product installations (25Live Pro, Interfaces, etc.).

  • A training/conference room with data projection capabilities (available to both Customer Series25 installation and the consultant’s computer).

  • Whiteboard and Markers.

  • Internet Access and/or guest access to Customer campus wireless network.
  • Facilitated access to Customer student information system.

  • Computer Workstations with Series25 access for all training participants (if necessary).

  • For Customer sites with Shibboleth enabled, Customer must provide a Shibboleth test account to CollegeNET to enable authenticated access into 25Live instances


The CollegeNET consultant will initiate a kick off call with the Functional Administrator to establish goals and business practice. During this call, they may actively review the production environment for scope. This call may take between 60 - 120 minutes, depending on needs.

The Onsite schedule includes two days of training and one day of changes to be made by the CollegeNET consultant in the production environment. Day one will include security training specific to the client, detailed on a provided agenda. Day two will be a work day in which the consultant may work from the hotel or a designated room on campus, optionally with assistance from the Functional Administrator. Note this day is not active training, but rather an implementation of agreed-upon settings. Day three will continue training and involve testing by the CollegeNET consultant and Functional Administrator.