Eval25 for Students

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Evaluating Your Courses

Evaluation FAQ

  • Can my evaluation responses impact my grade?
    • Evaluations are anonymous. Neither your instructor nor any administrator will have any way of knowing who submitted any specific feedback. Additionally, most schools wait until after instructors have submitted grades before allowing instructors to view the evaluation results, as further protection for you, the student.

  • How is my anonymity protected?
    • Institutions often elect to not evaluate classes with low enrollments, such as less than 10 students (or X amount of students). Demographic data, such as gender or UG/Grad status, can be suppressed so it is not available in faculty reports.  There are no tools available in the Eval25 system for an administrator or faculty to match a set of responses with an individual student, such as yourself.

  • Can I review my responses before submitting an evaluation?
    • Yes. After you have filled out an evaluation, you will be presented with a page to review your responses.  On this review page, you will have the option to go back and edit your responses or to proceed with submitting the evaluation.

  • Can I begin responding to an evaluation and then return later to complete it?
    • Yes. You can begin an evaluation, save it, and return later to finish it.

  • Can I edit my responses before the evaluation close date?
    • Yes. You can edit responses up until the point the evaluation closes.

  • Can I reset an evaluation form?
    • This is up to your institution. If it decides you can reset evaluation forms, you will see a reset button located next to each evaluation on your dashboard. If there is no reset button, your institution decided not to make it available for students.

  • How does the reset button work?
    • After you have submitted an evaluation, the reset button will appear next to the evaluation until the close of the evaluation session.  Once you click on the reset button, all responses on the evaluation will be deleted and you'll be able to fill out the evaluation again.

  • Can I decline participation in the evaluation?
    • Your institution will decide if there will be a decline button available on evaluations. If so, you will see a decline button on the top or bottom of the evaluation form.

  • What happens if I do not respond to any of the questions on the evaluation?
    • In this case, you will see a dialog box when attempting to submit an empty evaluation. It will present you with the following message: “You have skipped all questions. Would you prefer to decline the evaluation instead?” You then have the option to “Decline,” “Proceed,” or “Cancel.”

  • How will I know if my responses to an evaluation have successfully been submitted?
    • Once you submit an evaluation, you will be redirected back to back to your dashboard and will see a confirmation message at the top. The evaluation status will also be updated and the course information greyed out.  An acknowledgment email will automatically be sent to you at the end of the day.

Note: Because the look of Eval25 has been customized for your school, your pages will look a little different than the pages shown in this document. In addition, based on your system permissions, you may not have access to all the functionality and reports described.