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Automated, Optimized Class Placement Scheduling

The Schedule25 Optimizer is an automated batch classroom scheduling optimizer that uses a powerful algorithm to match classes, requirements, and preferences to your available classroom inventory. Based on the class data, classroom pre-assignments, and department and individual class space and feature preferences provided to it, Schedule25 considers all possible classroom placement options and generates an optimized schedule in minutes. The Schedule25 Optimizer is part of the X25 Analytics Limited Features set.

Features and Benefits


Extraordinary flexibility in responding to the scheduling needs of departments and individual classes


Complete control over the data and optimization priorities of each run, allowing you to prioritize room scheduling based on your requirements


The ability to save each run and rerun as needed with modified parameters to get precisely the placement results you want


Easy-to-use run results that let you analyze the results, make adjustments to run parameters, and rerun as often as needed


On-the-spot iterations in response to fluctuations in enrollment or class demand


Fully integrated into 25Live for easy, direct access and use

How does the Schedule25 Optimizer fit into Series25?

The Schedule25 Optimizer is fully integrated into Series25 and accessed and run from X25 Analytics. It is designed to be used by personnel in your Registrar's office and others responsible for institution-wide academic scheduling.

How to Access the Schedule25 Optimizer

The Schedule25 Optimizer is available in both Test and Production instances of X25 Analytics.

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