Evaluating Your Courses for Eval25

Eval25 contains an automatic save feature for students filling out evaluations. When you enter or edit anything on an evaluation, the form will be saved after 5 seconds. This prevents you from losing in-progress evaluation data should you be unexpectedly logged out by the application.

Evaluating Your Courses

My evaluations pageImage: My Evaluations page.

1. Login to the Eval25 Course Evaluation System 

Here, you will see the courses you can evaluate and those that will soon be available for evaluation. If you’ve taken courses in multiple terms, they’re shown in separate sections of the evaluation page. 

2. Click the Term Name to View the Available Courses

Note: Eval25 has been customized for your school, so your pages will look a little different than the pages shown here.

3. Click the Evaluate Button of the Course you Want to Evaluate

If the course has more than one instructor, choose the instructor you want to evaluate to activate the Evaluate button for that course and instructor.

4. Fill out the Online Evaluation Form

If your institution allows the Decline option for students, you have the option of declining to evaluate the course. To do so, click Decline at the bottom of the page.

Decline evaluation confirmation windowImage: Decline evaluation confirmation message. 

When you decline to evaluate a course, you will be presented with a Decline Survey option. This gives you the opportunity to explain why you declined the evaluation. 

  • Select the Take Survey link to explain your choice.
  • Click Finish to return to your dashboard without explaining your choice. 
  • Click Cancel to return to the evaluation.

Decline button between Go Back and Save buttonsImage: The Decline button is at the bottom of each open evaluation.

5. When You’ve Completed the Evaluation Form, Click Finish

A completion message is displayed at the top of the page, and the evaluation you just completed is marked with the Submitted status and grayed out.

Completion banner towards the top of the page and submitted statusImage: A green banner and "Submitted" status indicate that the survey has been submitted successfully.

Repeat steps 2 – 4 until you’ve completed evaluations for all your courses.

Tip: Reset an Evaluation

If your school allows it, you can reset a completed evaluation if needed by clicking Reset. Resetting an evaluation removes your responses, making the course available for evaluation again.