25Live FAQ

What Is 25Live?

25Live is an advanced scheduling application built for SaaS on an updated coding and deployment platform. For more see About 25Live.

Comparison and Transition

Where are the refresh icons on the Dashboard?

Individual refresh icons on elements in the dashboard were useful in the old 25Live because reloading the old application was problematic. Refresh icons are no longer needed on the Dashboard in 25Live, because now using your browser's refresh function will work quickly without problems, making many of the individual refresh options throughout the application no longer necessary. We are still including some refresh icons in areas where many users have requested them.

Why can I only look at one event or location at a time? Where are my tabs?

A web browser itself is a multi-tabbed platform, so, rather than recreate a multi-tabbed platform within a multi-tabbed platform, we are leveraging the power of the browser itself. Right-clicking on any object gives you the option to Open in New Tab. Within seconds, you can have multiple events and locations open in multiple browser tabs. The very fast load times of 25Live make this feasible. 

How do I find what used to be the Resources or Locations tabs?

Use the Go to Search link, then change the object drop-down to Resources or Locations.

Can I email all 25Live users to let them know about upcoming changes?

The Contact Directory report will give you a list of all email addresses in 25Live.

How does accessing shared locations differ from previous versions of 25Live?

To be able to share a location, a user must have the appropriate Functional Security setting regardless of whether the location had been previously shared. In addition, if you don't have FS rights to share a location, you cannot select a location that's already being shared. 

Do I need to do anything to update my Publisher calendars?

No, all your feeds will stay the same.

General Functionality

What are the recommended browsers for 25Live?

See Series25 Technical Specifications for more information.

How do you navigate in 25Live if there are no tabs?

The Recently Viewed menu lets you jump back and forth between things you are working on. This will preserve the view that you were on (for example a location calendar or event details). We also made it easier to open links in a new browser tab in a recent update.

How do I run reports in 25Live?

There is a Reports option in the menu to the top right. All the same reports as in 25Live are there.

Is 25Live Pro accessible for keyboards and screen readers?

We are actively working to make all 25Live tools more accessible. You can request a VPAT by emailing your account manager at series25implementation@collegenet.com.

Why do only some of the assigned locations and resources appear on the event details page?

The summary above event details lists the first three locations and resources. To see everything assigned, view the Occurrences tab.

How do you schedule events with different times on each day?

Individual occurrence times can be set in two ways:

  1. Edit the occurrences using the new event form
  2. Enable Functional Security for inline editing, and drag the occurrences on the Schedule tab of an event

Note: Pre/post/setup/takedown time cannot be set individually on occurrences. Occurrences cannot be given individual names like Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner.

How do blackouts work in 25Live?

Blackouts will still work the same regardless of which 25Live version a user is logged into. See Managing Blackouts.

How do I use inline editing?  Will there be OLS on field-level inline editing?

Inline editing is an FLS setting that must be turned on for a user in a Security Group to use inline editing.  Inline editing is going to get more fine-tuned settings to control who can edit what. Adding inline editing for more fields and features is planned for future development.

For user instructions, see Inline Editing Details Fields

How do I upload images to events for use with published calendars?

You can use the Detail Image and Event Image custom attributes as described in the attached PDF guide on the Using Publisher help page.

How do you edit a search in Pro?

In the search area, select a saved search and click the toggle over to Advanced to add or remove criteria. See Using Saved and Shared Searches.

There is now an "Always Share" option administrators can turn on for locations. Does this setting apply everyone who has access to schedule the location?

Anyone who can select the location in the Event Form will automatically share the location, even if that user doesn't normally have sharing Functional Security.

The 25Live Event Form

Can I customize the behaviors of specific editors in the event form?

You can control which editors appear and which are required. Additional information:

  • WYSIWYG rich text options in the event description cannot be customized.
  • The Create Organization link is visible for any user with Functional Security permission that allows them to create organizations and cannot be hidden.
  • The Spans Midnight checkbox in the date/time editor cannot be hidden.

What happens to an unsaved event when you click the browser Back button?

If you navigate away from an unsaved event you can click on the Event Form button found at the header to get back to the event you were working on, or you can click on your browser Back button to get back to the event.

Are instructions always hidden in the Event Form?

Custom text for editor instructions is hidden behind an information (info) icon and does not appear until it is clicked. Administrators can make some or all custom information blocks visible for users using the Configuration Utility configurations and the 25Live System Settings. For more, see Creating and Editing Custom Event Form Configurations in 25Live.

Where can you edit occurrence comments, specific occurrence start and end time, or remove occurrence?

Open up the Event Form and select date(s). Once you have selected date(s) you can click on the Manage Occurrences button which will open the occurrence modal.  In the modal, you can add comments, adjust individual occurrence start and end times, change the occurrence state and remove occurrences. 

How do I make an event with multiple occurrences on the same day?

Below the Repeating Pattern drop-down, click on the date on the calendar in which you want to make multiple occurrences and a modal will appear.  Change the occurrence times on the first occurrence and click on the Add Occurrence button.  A new occurrence for that specific date will appear.  You can change the first occurrence time as many times as you wish.  Once you have added all your occurrences you can then click on close.

How do I make an event with multiple occurrences on the same day with different locations?

Once you have selected the Locations that you want for your event you can click on 'View Occurrence' for each Location and select which dates you want the location.

Event Save Email Feature

What is the difference between Event Save Emails and the email notifications that are available in Group Administration?    

Notification emails only trigger when tasks are created or completed. Event Save Emails can be triggered via multiple actions.

Can you set up an Event Save Email Template but not send it immediately in order to review the contents before sending?    

We will be introducing manual templates for Event Save Emails for this use case.