Configuring Email Notifications

Use the Email Settings task tab to enable or disable automatic email task notifications and, if enabled, set time intervals for each security group to receive assignment policy, notification policy, To Do, and “all tasks completed” notification emails.

Enabling/Disabling Automatic Email Notifications

  • In Series25 Group Administration, select one or more groups and click Configure... Email Notification
    Email Notification option in the Configure dropdown menu.Image: Email Notification option in the Configure dropdown menu.
  • To Disable email notifications, select Disable Automatic Email Notifications (no further action is needed). Otherwise...

  • To enable email notifications, select Enable Automatic Email Notifications
  • Select the tab that you'd like to configure:
  • For Assignment Policy, Notification Policy, and/or To Do tasks, select how often the selected group(s) should receive email notifications when tasks of these types are added, completed, or updated:
    • Daily—Send a task digest email every night
    • 5 Minutes—Send a task summary email every five minutes
    • None—Don’t send task emails
  • If you have designated default schedulers by security group in Series25 Group Administration or by location in 25Live, select how often default schedulers should receive All Tasks Completed email notifications when all tasks associated with events they’re responsible for have been completed.
    • Daily—Send an all tasks completed digest email every night
    • Five Min.—Send all tasks completed emails every five minutes
    • None—Don’t send all tasks completed emails

If you have not designated default schedulers by security group or by location, we recommend you choose None for this setting. If set to something other than None, users will receive all tasks completed emails for every event they create that has associated tasks.

  • Click Save