About 25Live



The Advanced, Sophisticated Scheduling Tool for All Users

25Live is the full-featured scheduling tool in Series25 that can be simplified for basic users that just need to search, check availability, and make scheduling requests. And, 25Live is also flexible and powerful enough to accommodate users at all levels who need more advanced features, complex class and event scheduling, reports, data management, accounting, approvals, and more. Features include:

  • Simplified, consolidated navigation
  • Unified master search
  • Drag and drop functionality, including occurrences
  • Inline editing functionality for Event Details
  • A single invoice for related event sets and the ability to refresh a previously generated invoice with updated event data
  • Expanded features for (-1) system administrators

Features and Benefits


All-inclusive academic and event scheduling capabilities with expanded features for administrators


Unified master search with advanced search capabilities


Convenient drag-and-drop features for occurrences in availability views and on given dates in the Schedule view


On-the-fly occurrence cancellation, deletion, and copy in availability views


Cleaner reports interface for easy access to all standard and custom reports


Extensive space, resource, and organization/contact data management


System, functional, object, and assignment policy security applies to all versions of 25Live


Event Form with individual occurrence editing capabilities and streamlined navigation


Color coding for events displayed in availability grids


Grouped Blackout Management features

How does 25Live fit into Series25?

25Live is both the everyday user's starting place and a tool built for scheduling professionals with the power to create and administer complex events and courses, publish calendars, utilize accounting features, run reports, and more. 25Live is a valuable tool for power schedulers and functional experts who need to manage multiple aspects of academic and event scheduling, and it includes mobile compatibility for working on the go. Data is shared with the Series25 Optimizer, the Series25 LYNX Interface, and the X25 Analytics master planning and analytics tool and all Series25 tools.


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Additional Documents and Information

Series25 Technical Specifications
Software and hardware requirements for SaaS deployment of Series25 tools, including architecture diagram, browser requirements, 25Live reports, and LYNX information.


A high-level overview of Series25 and 25Live SSO options.

25Live Standard Report Reference

Examples of all reports available in 25Live and the separate 25Live Reports tool.