Remote 25Live Pricing Training

Pricing invoice


To teach the skills necessary to implement Pricing and Invoicing in 25Live.


A CollegeNET consultant works directly to train users to understand pricing in 25Live, including how to set it up, test it and use it in their day-to-day scheduling. Training topics include:

  • Define rate groups
  • Attach rate groups to organization types
  • Create tax schedules
  • Create rate schedules for event types, resources, requirements and spaces/locations
  • Build basic formulas
  • Review and revise event pricing
  • Generate event pricing summary and event invoice for single and related events

Campus may need to further refine and/or set-up pricing after this training, depending on the complexity of their pricing.

Intended Audience

This training is designed for functional administrators and event schedulers responsible for setting up, testing, and using event pricing.


CollegeNET consultant will provide the consulting in three (3) remote sessions of approximately 2 hours each. There may be some additional contact outside of the consulting sessions via email or conference call.


  • Customers should have knowledge of their event pricing structures.
  • An operational 25Live environment containing customer data.
  • CollegeNET recommends the use of videoconferencing for all remote sessions.

Please contact your CollegeNET Account manager for pricing and scheduling details. (Series25 Account Management)