Academic Cycle in LYNX


Improve data flow of classes from the SIS to Series25 and back to the SIS, and run/troubleshoot S25 if necessary.


A CollegeNET consultant travels onsite and works directly with up to 12 campus staff members for three (3) days. The consultant provides onsite consulting regarding best practices and methods for managing the academic cycle of classes (the flow of data from the SIS to Series25 and back to the SIS). The consulting is provided in Customer's LYNX-SIS Interface, Series25 environments, and in Customer's SIS.

A CollegeNET consultant helps those tasked with running the CollegeNET LYNX SIS Interface to make the process more efficient and successful. This includes a full analysis of current interface practices and processes, interface configuration, and SIS data related to Series25. The consultant analyzes the cause of interface import error messages and any other problematic issues with section data transfer between the two systems, as well as advises on how to use/improve the Schedule25 Optimizer (if applicable). At the conclusion of the consulting, the consultant provides detailed recommendations regarding how to improve interface set-up and related business practices.


The consultant leads onsite meetings on three (3) consecutive business days, with dates to be determined. Meetings typically last from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM with a one hour break for lunch. The consultant also hosts a conference call before the onsite visit.


Customer provides the following resources to CollegeNET:

  • All implementation team members must be assigned and staffed prior to service delivery and available on the date of service delivery.  See the implementation checklist for team member roles and assignments.
  • Computer(s) that have access to the internet and the latest version of all licensed Series25 products (e.g. 25Live, 25Live Publisher, Schedule25 Optimizer, Series25-SIS Interface).
  • Access to training/conference room with data projection capabilities (available to both Customer Series25 installation and the consultant’s computer).
  • Ability to log in to Series25 using an Administrative account.
  • For onsite services, CollegeNET Trainer will need Whiteboard and Markers and internet access.
  • For the Academic Cycle service, connectivity and data flow between SIS and Series25 must already be functioning.