Requesting Cancellation of an Event

After a user creates an event in 25Live, sometimes things change. An event requester without permissions to change the Event State can ask for cancellation of the event.

Security Note

This functionality requires the user to be granted the following permission in Series25 Group Administration: Basic: 8.2 Create To Do's 


The event requestor asking for cancellation cannot also be both the event scheduler and owner.

How to Request Cancellation

1. Go to the Event Details

Tapping or clicking the name of any event will bring you to its details view. You can search for an event or look for it as part of your starred items on your home dashboard.

2. Use the Request Cancellation Link

Request cancellation linkImage: The Request Cancellation link will appear in the Event Details view with appropriate permissions and roles.

If displayed, use the Request Cancellation link, then enter a comment describing why you want to cancel the event.

Tip: If Cancelling Via the Event State Fails

Alternatively, if the Event State with the Cancelled option is available but fails to complete, you may want to use the Request Cancellation link.

3. Check the Tasks List

Cancellation task in Event DetailsIImage: When a cancel request is in progress, a task will show in the event's Task List.

If your cancellation request is successful, a "Cancel Request" task for the pending request will be included in the event's Task List for the scheduler or event owner to complete. If your event has both a scheduler and an event owner, the scheduler will be prioritized to receive the task.

Note: Cancelling Releases Locations and Resources and Limits Editing

When the event scheduler or event owner cancels the event, all location and resources assignments will be released. After, only users with the required security permissions may edit an event that has been cancelled.

When the task is completed, notifications will be sent, depending on the workflow and Event Save Email Scenarios set up in your instance.

Cancelled event in searchImage: After cancellation, the event will show as cancelled in searches.


If You Don't See the Request Cancellation Link

  • Check to see that the event isn't already cancelled
  • Make sure there isn't a pending cancellation request on the event
  • Ask an administrator to re-check your user's permissions in the Series25 Group Administration tool to ensure you at least have 8.2 Create To Do's on an Event
  • Check your role in the event to be sure your user isn't listed as the scheduler or event owner (in which case, you may be able to cancel the event using the Event State)

The Task Didn't Appear For the Scheduler

  • Look to see if the request cancellation link is visible in the Task List for the event
  • Try to request cancellation again if the request wasn't sent successfully previously

If You Don't Receive a Notification

  • Check the email address in your contact info in the User Settings
  • Check the event's Task List to see if the cancellation request is still pending
  • Ask an administrator to see if the workflow and event save emails in your 25Live instance are set up to notify you of the event cancellation