Remote Using Schedule25 Optimizer

Schedule25 Optimizer


This training teaches academic schedulers how to prepare all data used by the Schedule25 Optimizer in your Series25 environment. Participants learn to run the Optimizer, analyze results and troubleshoot problems.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Configure Optimizer to pull the appropriate location, organization, and course data required to run the Optimizer
  • Set up departmental location preferences
  • Create event relationships for back-to-back courses
  • Set up Optimizer processing criteria
  • Run Optimizer and save room assignments
  • Correct common errors and warnings
  • Analyze results of a run
  • Learn modelling with the Meeting Pattern Grid

Intended Audience

Academic schedulers who will use the Schedule25 Optimizer to assign classrooms to sections.


CollegeNET consultant will provide the consulting in two (2) remote sessions of approximately 3 hours each. There may be some additional contact outside of the consulting sessions via email or conference call.


  • An operational 25Live environment containing customer data
  • Schedule25 Optimizer must be currently licensed.
  • CollegeNET recommends the use of videoconferencing for all remote sessions

Please contact your CollegeNET Account manager for pricing and scheduling details. (Series25 Account Management)