Remote Cabinet Restructure

Event Type Hierarchy


Move client to the 25Live Oriented Event Structure


A CollegeNET consultant connects to the client's Series25 environment to review and propose changes to the existing cabinet and folder structures to update to a current 25Live oriented event structure based on CollegeNET's recommended best practices. The consultant then makes the proposed changes to the client's Series25 Production environment and reviews the updated environment with the client during a follow-up conference call.   

Please note, this service will not implement significant changes in scheduling processes in regard to changes in Assignment Policy, Object Level Security, or Notification Policy though the consultant may highlight areas to be considered for future updates. If you are wishing to change your scheduling process and set new security, then you'll want to purchase our security service instead: Implementing Series25 Security.

Intended Audience

This training is geared toward Functional Administrators and Event Schedulers responsible for setting up, testing, and using 25Live event scheduling.


CollegeNET consultant will work remotely to review the client's Series25 data and provide up to two hours of direct consultation with the client to review changes made as part of the data build. There may be some additional contact outside of the consulting sessions via email or conference call.


  • Object Level Security (OLS) must be turned on in the client's Production environment. If it is not, then a security service must be utilized instead.
  • CollegeNET recommends the use of videoconferencing for all remote sessions

Please contact your CollegeNET Account manager for pricing and scheduling details. (Series25 Account Management)