Editing Individual Events With the Event Form

Security Note

You need Edit object security permission for an event to be able to edit it. In addition, if your user does not have permission to view Contacts, the default scheduler for a location or resource may not be set. If you're unable to edit an event you think should be available to you, contact your 25Live administrator.

To Edit an Event

1. Search For or Select the Event

Use either Quick Search, keyword search, or Advanced Search options to find the event. 


Select the event from a list of your starred events on your dashboard or the List personal view.

Tip: If You Cannot Edit An Event Because It Is Locked By Another User

If you go to an event and are warned that the event is locked by another user (sometimes after a browser crash or interrupted editing session), you (if you have appropriate permissions) or an administrator will need to remove the lock in System Settings.

2. Choose to Edit the Event

Use the Edit Event link in the Event details toolbar or choose Edit Event from the More Actions menu in the event details view to enter editing mode.

Edit Event in More Actions menuImage: Use the Edit Event link or the More Actions display option in the Event Details view to enter editing mode for an existing event.

Note: Administrators Can Switch Configurations

Administrators may see a dropdown option to Select any Config. This allows switching between the different configurations set up in System Settings to display alternative fields, instructions, and so on.

3. Edit Individual Fields

Once you're in the editing mode, you may change most of the available fields. Depending on the configuration of your 25Live instance, you may be unable to edit some event details.

Image: You may change the Event State when editing an event if your user permissions and 25Live configuration allow it.

The Event Form allows you to change the Event State after editing if your user permissions and 25Live configuration allow it. See Creating Events for information about each section in the Event Form.

Tip: Inline Editing of Event Details

You can also edit some event details inline from the Event Details view.

4. Save Your Edited Event

Image: The Preview and Save buttons are always available as you scroll through the Event Form.

You may use the Preview button before saving to see a summary of the event details and occurrences.

When you've finished making changes, use the Save button to see the confirmation screen. 

The Cancel Button Will Not Save Changes

The Cancel button is always available at the bottom of the Event Form alongside Preview and Save, but be aware that using Cancel will not save any completed fields or changes.

Changing Dates and Times in Repeating Events

Warning: Consequences of Adjusting the Start Date

Adjusting an event's initial occurrence date/time may remove existing location and/or resource assignments as well as other occurrence customizations.

If you change the start date of a repeating event, 25Live asks you to specify how you want to map details associated with individual occurrences to the new and/or existing dates. Comments, location assignments, and resource assignments will need to be mapped to the new set of occurrences.

Occurrence mapping modalImage: If you change the event date while editing a repeating event, you will need to choose how to map event occurrences.

  • One-by-one: After the start date is changed, the information from the old first occurrence will be mapped to the new first occurrence, the second to the second, and so on.
  • Date-by-date: After the start date is changed, any resulting occurrences that share the same date as an occurrence that existed before will inherit the occurrence's information. 
  • No mapping: No additional information will map to occurrences.

In addition, if you change the repeating dates and times for an event (often a course) that is associated with meeting patterns in LYNX, you may see a warning about the wider repercussions of your change.

Editing Event Preferences

If the event Location(s) or Resource(s) were saved as preferences rather than assigned when the event was created, you can view and edit/assign them (with proper security permissions) in the Locations Search and/or Resources Search sections by choosing Associated Locations or Associated Resources.

Associated Locations to view preferencesImage: Example of using the Associated Locations choice in the Location Search section to view and assign Location preferences.

Additional Event Editing Notes

  • You cannot change an event in a Sealed state in any way unless you are a functional administrator with special security rights to do so.
  • You can edit events with multiple reservations, one reservation at a time.
  • You cannot edit a repeating event (or assign locations/resources) if an occurrence in the event has a date constraint.
  • If you are using an older, TCS SIS interface, you can edit events from your student information system (SIS) with a vCalendar alien UID. However, if "vCal Processing" for the event's event type has been set to "Locked Transactional" in the Event Type Hierarchy under Master Definitions, the event may be edited only if a reply/counter has not yet been sent.
    • Contact your Account Manager to learn more about the new Series25 LYNX Interface that offers many improvements over the TCS interfaces.
  • You cannot "unshare" a location assignment once you've saved an event with shared location occurrence(s).
  • You can add an organization during editing if needed.