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The Series25 suite has a lot to offer! If you're not sure where to start, consider exploring one of the topics below.

Basic Tasks

Tasks to ExploreDocumentation
Learn how to create an event in 25Live with the event form.Creating Events With the Event Form
Find out which reports are available to you in 25Live.25Live Standard Reports Reference
Learn how to run a report.
Running Reports
Brand your 25Live instance with your institution's colors and logo.Branding 25Live
Add images to your 25Live instance that can be used by locations.Adding and Managing Images
Learn how to permanently share a location that doesn't need space or booking restrictions.Permanently Sharing a Location
Configure a location for Express Scheduling for rooms that don't need special approval.Viewing Location Details
Get 25Live to send you (or others) an updated report every day or once a week.
Reports Admin - Scheduling Reports

Intermediate Tasks

We try to make these tasks as straightforward as possible, but it doesn't hurt to know your way around 25Live first.

Tasks to ExploreDocumentation
Set up emails that are automatically sent when events are created that meet your criteria. Event Save Email Overview
Make event creation even easier for users by embedding an event form into your website.Embedding 25Live Event Forms and Express Scheduling Forms
Create a custom contract.Utilizing Custom Contract Documents
Implement Single Sign-on in 25Live.SAML-25Live Integration: Getting Started
See how often your Publisher calendars are being viewed.Analytics in 25Live Publisher

New Ways to Use Series25

Exploring new ways to use Series25 products? Consider the following tasks.

Tasks to ExploreDocumentation
Get started using 25Live Pricing.
Pricing Introduction
Get started using Eval25 space satisfaction.About Eval25
Create a Publisher calendar to add to your website.
25Live Publisher Overview
Add branding (or other customizations) to a 25Live report.
Branding a Report (Login Required)

Integrate your digital signage, HVAC, or other 3rd-party System with the WebServices API.

So you want to try an integration project... (Login Required)
See what you can do with the upgraded version of X25 Analytics.X25 Analytics - Limited Features
Integrate with Microsoft Outlook or Google CalendarSynchronizing Outlook and 25Live Calendars
Publisher Integrations

Learning & Community

Take a class or chat with us or other institutions about better utilizing Series25 products

Tasks to ExploreDocumentation
Watch pre-recorded webinars on various Series25 products.Series25 Webinars (Login Required)
Sign up for a class to learn more about various Series25 products.Series25 Classes
Visit the community forums.
Using the Series25 Community Forums  (Login Required)
Have an idea on how we can improve a product? Recommend a feature.
Using Series25 Feature Upvote Customer Feedback Boards  (Login Required)
Review presentations you may have missed at our last User Conference.CollegeNET User Conferences
Check out what has been recently added or updated across Series25.
What's New