Series25 Features

Series25 is a Complete Solution

An All-in-One Scheduling Solution

Series25 provides a fully integrated, 100% web-based scheduling solution. CollegeNET’s applications are the most widely used academic scheduling and event management systems in higher education. We design our products based on our years of experience in higher education scheduling and with great attention to our customers’ needs.

Academic Scheduling and Event Management Features

  • Easily customize event request/scheduling forms for a variety of users and business needs
  • Schedule an event occurring on single or multiple dates (the latter specified as either ad hoc dates or a meeting pattern)
  • Specify the location scheduler to be automatically assigned to an event when the location is assigned
  • Drag and drop to customize the contents of your Home Dashboard
  • Ability to embed full Event Forms and Express Scheduling forms in your website(s)
  • Drag and drop events on availability grids to quickly/easily change event dates/times and location assignment
  • Check daily or weekly availability grids to look for locations or resources
  • Color code events on availability grids by event type or event state
  • View seat utilization percentages for classes/events directly on the availability grid
  • Submit location and resource requests
  • Start creating an event from a selected date, location, organization, or resource
  • Upload and attach files to events (e.g., custom room layout diagrams, signed contracts, insurance forms, etc.)
  • Edit event details and establish content relationships among events
  • Create bindings among events so they must use the same location(s)
  • Copy an existing event as the basis for a new event
  • Edit or copy simultaneously all (or any) events related to an event being edited or copied
  • Assign multiple locations and/or resources to an event and attach instructions and other details, by assigned location/resource and by occurrence
  • Create related organizations and/or contacts as you create/edit an event
  • Share locations among events
  • View detailed information on selected events, locations, organizations, or resources
  • Email event details (that may include reports and an iCal file) to contacts associated with an event, favorite contacts, and other recipients; browse for any additional files to include 
  • Schedule or deny events for an organization sponsor based on past performance rating 
  • Cancel or delete an event
  • Perform a variety of searches for events, locations, organizations, or resources 
  • Copy saved searches ("save as"), your own, and those provided by the system 
  • Send copies of ("share") your searches to selected users 
  • View pending and completed assignments for selected locations or resources 

Unparalleled Calendar Features

  • Publish events to an unlimited number of online calendars created and administered via 25Live Publisher
  • Subscribe to an event feed with your preferred news reader or calendar 
  • Easily embed 25Live calendars in your website(s) with customized styles to match
  • Calendars provide iCal and RSS event feeds that can include images associated with events and subscription options
  • Flexible social media integration for calendars
  • Set up requirements workflow for events to be published to a calendar

Extensive Reporting Features

  • Use the easy 25Live Reports tool to view, print, and email more than 130 standard reports, as well as custom reports created by you; view examples and descriptions for a selected report 
  • Export reports to PDF, Excel, RTF, HTML, or Plain Text 
  • Quickly create custom contracts and other documents in 25Live for inclusion in automatically scheduled or manually sent emails
  • Custom report tool included to brand existing standard reports or create complex, fully interactive reports with features such as drill-down and drill-to, as well as web controls for filtering, sorting, and navigation

Additional Benefits

  • Access Series25 applications from mobile devices and tablets using responsive layouts that adapt to your screen
  • Create events in Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar and add them to 25Live
  • Review and modify pricing details generated automatically for an event
  • Create, edit, and send invoices via the 25Live Accounting tool; record payments; and track account activity of client organizations
  • Ability to embed availability grids for locations and resources, event lists, and internal 25Live calendars in your websites
  • View and respond to event-related tasks
  • Tiered workflow for event tasks
  • View details and status of tasks 
  • Attach and modify "To Do" tasks for events
  • Create custom email templates that are automatically sent based on your unique business rules/scenarios 
  • "Star," for easy access to your favorite events, locations, resources, organizations, contacts, and reports
  • Set your user preference for a dashboard or a calendar 25Live home page 
  • Set your user preferences for the display of dates and times, and edit your contact information 
  • As an administrator, Series25 and 25Live feature restricted system settings to configure application user environments, including event creation/editing options by security group
  • Use the convenient Series25 Group Administration tool for user and security group management