Remote 25Live Academic Cycle


This training teaches academic administrators how to prepare data in the Student Information System (SIS) and 25Live environments for interface operations. Participants learn to configure and run the LYNX interface, troubleshoot import messages, prepare for using Schedule25 Optimizer, and import room assignments back into the SIS.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Prepare Academic Data in the SIS for Export
  • Prepare Series25 to accept data from SIS
  • Understand the cabinet/folder hierarchy as it relates to academics
  • Utilize import extract sets and troubleshoot import/export messages
  • Prepare Data for Schedule25 Optimizer
  • Create export extract sets to send classroom assignments back in SIS

Intended Audience

Academic schedulers responsible for running their Series25-SIS interface and use Schedule25 Optimizer.


CollegeNET consultant will provide the consulting in four (4) remote sessions of approximately 3 hours each. There may be some additional contact outside of the consulting sessions via email or conference call.


  • Ideally, attendees will have read through the Academic Cycle in 25Live Overview article or have attempted the process of importing data from their SIS into 25Live using the Series25-SIS interface at some point.
  • Licensing of the LYNX Interface and Schedule25 Optimizer.
  • An operational 25Live environment containing customer data.
  • CollegeNET recommends the use of videoconferencing for all remote sessions.

Please contact your CollegeNET Account manager for pricing and scheduling details. (Series25 Account Management)