Academic Cycle

The Academic Cycle is a concept which encompasses the overall flow of data back and forth between your student information system and 25Live. With each new term, you'll begin a new cycle as you create sections in your SIS, find classrooms for them in Series25, and convey those placements back to instructors and students.

These articles walk you through every step of this cycle and set you up for success! Review them before you start a new cycle and refer back throughout the term. Once you've walked through it a few times, it'll feel like second nature.

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Prepare your SIS and Series25 environments for academic scheduling with these articles:

At the Start of Each Term

Every term, follow these steps in your SIS and Series25 to begin a new Academic Cycle.

Placing Classes Using Optimizer

When you're ready to place your sections, use the Schedule25 Optimizer to automatically find rooms:

Ongoing Throughout the Term

For the rest of the term, LYNX will carry changes back and forth between your SIS and Series25:

Final Exams

If you create exams in your SIS, you can import them like regular classes. If you don't, LYNX can create exams in 25Live for you. (Note: these exams are not exported back to your SIS.)

See Tips For Final Exams in LYNX for more details.