Pricing Introduction

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Pricing Introduction
Basic Components
Brainstorming Your Pricing Needs
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Rate Schedules
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25Live Accounting Introduction
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Welcome to setting up pricing in Series25!  These pages explain the main concepts of Series25 pricing and walk you through how to set it up, including examples that you can modify for your own use. It can be a little daunting at first, but this breakdown will give you the tools and confidence you need.

Pricing view on an eventImage: Pricing view on a 25Live event.

Why Use Event Pricing?

Pricing is a way to invoice your clients for the use of your spaces and resources within 25Live.  You can also add charges based on the type of event or any event requirements. 25Live's pricing configuration allows you to set different rates for groups based on who they are.

For example, you may charge the Ultimate Frisbee Club and the Student Government Association $20 dollars per hour for the use of a conference room because they are both student groups.  If an outside organization like CollegeNET requests the use of the same space, you charge $30 dollars per hour because they are a for-profit group.

Here are just a few ways pricing is helpful in 25Live:

  1. Once pricing is set up, it's automatically applied to every event in 25Live.
  2. It can be as simple or as complex as you need because all rates are determined using formulas.
  3. Invoices can be emailed directly from the event in 25Live.
  4. You can charge for a variety of different items associated with an event (locations, resources, types, and requirements).
  5. Taxes and fees can be included based on the type of group sponsoring the event (student, non-profit, for-profit, etc.).
  6. You can include multi-element credit and debit account numbers.
  7. Invoices are easy to modify based on individual line items or the total cost of the event.

Event Invoice Lifecycle

Before you dive into the finer details of Series25 pricing, let's take a look at the lifecycle of an event from creation to invoicing to give us a high-level foundation for understanding the components that come into play.

As we create our event, we need to be select a Primary Organization. That organization has an Organization Type which also should have a Rate Group attached. This connects to the Rate Schedule with Pricing Sheets that generate the pricing calculations on the event. The end result is an invoice that can be provided to clients.

Flow chart depicting the stages of an eventImage: Event Invoice Lifecycle Flowchart

Getting Started

Your first step in implementing Series25 pricing is to gather your existing institutional pricing knowledge. You're not starting from zero–if you already charge clients for use of your rooms, you already have some way of tracking how to calculate those charges. Whether it's in a set of Excel sheets, a web page, or a paper notebook, just make sure you have a clearly defined system of charging people for their events that you can easily reference.

Next, follow the articles linked on the right. If you have questions as you go through, please feel free to let us know by contacting your account manager at or our support team at

To find the pricing configuration area in 25Live, see Accessing Series25 Pricing.