Accessibility Tips for 25Live

CollegeNET is committed to making its software usable by all people, regardless of ability. We strive to improve accessibility in all of our products continually with testing and improvements. We are aware of opportunities for greater accessibility within some areas of our software and have developed an accessibility roadmap, which guides ongoing design and feature implementation. The following tips may help improve your experience while using this application.

Note About External Links

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Improving Your Experience With Visual Limitations

If you have trouble seeing elements of this web application, please try some of the following adjustments.

Enlarge Text

Most modern browsers allow you to enlarge text size. Please note that these changes may be lost when you open a new browser tab/window or re-open your browser.

  • To Enlarge Text in Most Desktop Web Browsers
    • Most browsers will have options in the menu bar
    • Or, press "Ctrl +" on your PC keyboard
    • Or, press "Command +" on an Apple MacOS keyboard
  • To Enlarge Text on Android Devices (Samsung, Google, etc.)
    • Tap the Settings icon
    • Tap the Display option and go to Advanced
    • In the Font section, tap the Font size option
    • In the new window, adjust the slider to your desired text size
  • To Enlarge Text on iOS Devices (iPhones, iPads)
    • Open the Settings app
    • Search for Accessibility or go to General > Accessibility
    • Tap to open the Larger Text menu item
    • Use the slider at the bottom to choose the desired text size, or turn on the Larger Accessibility Sizes to be able to choose even larger options

Listen to Text Content

There are built-in options as well as screen reader applications that can read text content aloud from this application.

Try Turning on Dark Mode

See Using Dark Mode in 25Live Pro.

Check Color Contrast

Color contrast checking tools can help verify that the colors you've chosen for your text and text background have enough contrast between them for those with visual limitations. Some features in 25Live, such as the availability grid configurations, have a contrast checker built in. For other features, you can use:

Improving Your Mouse, Tracking, and/or Touch Experience

Many mobile devices and desktop computer operating systems provide accessibility features to improve the experience for those with physical and motor skills limitations.

Improving Your Experience with Auditory Limitations

This application doesn't natively involve any sound features, but some events can have linked videos associated with them. First, look for accessibility options on the linked video website. Additional information is below.

Additional Desktop Browser Accessibility Information