Custom Attributes for Publisher Images

If you are configuring custom attributes to add images to events in Publisher, take note of the instructions for Event Custom Attributes in Preparing 25Live for Optimal Use with Publisher - Data Preparation.

Event Custom Attributes

Event Custom Attributes normally do not function as search parameters for publishing event feeds, but there are three custom attributes that play a role within Publisher for specific functionality:

  1. the Event Image (File Reference data type), 
  2. the Detail Image (File Reference data type), and 
  3. Featured Level (String data type).

Both the Event Image and Detail Image are used as part of photo-driven calendars and promotional spuds in 25Live Publisher.  As file reference data types, these two custom attributes merely need to contain a link to an image that you want to populate the calendar published via 25Live Publisher.  The Event Image should be a thumbnail-sized image; the Detail Image is a larger-sized version of the Event Image that would display in the Event Description details when a user clicks to open an event from a 25Live Publisher calendar.  The Promo Level is used in calendars to show a subset of a feed based off the text in this custom attribute.

Manage event custom attributes list

External Storage for Event and Detail Images

You will need to determine a storage location for both your event and detail images for use with calendars.  CollegeNET does not provide a storage location for these images.

Editing Custom Attribute Images

Please note that when updating an image in a custom attribute, you will need to also update the filename. If the existing and new filenames are the same, Publisher calendars will not detect a change and your image will not be updated.