Accessing Group Administration

Security Note

To use 25Live Group Administration, a user's security group must have sufficient permission. Ensure that a group has Tools Access: 1.0 Access to Group Administration Tool

Some functionality requires additional permissions:

Setting Permission
SecurityAdmin: 16.0 Change Security Configurations
MembersNo additional permission required
Event Form PresentationAdmin: 17.0 Update User Group Configurations and Preferences
Default SecurityAdmin 18.0 Set Default Object Security
Assignment PolicyAdmin: 10.5 Set Location Assignment Policy
Admin: 11.4 Set Resource Assignment Policy

To Sign in and Access Group Administration

  1. Sign in to 25Live using your administrator credentials.
  2. Select Group Administration from the Go To Tool section of the More menu.
    25Live Pro > More > Go To Tool > Group AdministrationImage: Access Group Administration from the 25Live More menu under Go To Tool