Series25 Data Import Tool Overview

The Series25 Data Import Tool is a web-based service that lets you perform a bulk import of your existing data to jump-start your initial Series25 data preparation process and to make additional data updates en masse when needed (such as importing revised location capacities or layouts, or updating the names of existing locations, resources, and so on.)

Users must be in the system administrator (-1) security group to use the Data Import Tool.

Data Import Tool HomeImage: View of files in the Data Import Tool.

Using the Tool, you complete and upload Excel spreadsheet files containing any of the following kinds of data:

  • Location
  • Organization
  • Contact
  • Resource
The Data Import Tool is not for events or classes

Classes can be imported to 25Live using the LYNX Interface and non-SIS events can be imported using the CSV Event Import process.

When you submit a completed spreadsheet for import, the Import Tool normalizes (that is, organizes) the contents and then adds the data to the Series25 database—updating existing data where matches are found. It won't remove any data from your Series25 environment or send blank data from your spreadsheets.

How the Data Import Tool fits into the overall data preparation process

This is the typical Series25 data preparation process (excluding classes and events), indicating where the Data Import Tool fits in:

  • The LYNX Interface is used to import basic location data from your SIS. You will soon be able to import basic organization data as well.
  • The Excel import files are prepared and imported using the Data Import Tool.
  • The results of the import are reviewed in 25Live and more details are added as needed; for example, comments and/or default setup instructions for locations and/or resources and partition preferences for organizations, which can't be submitted via the Data Import Tool.