Viewing Tasks

A "task" is an actionable item that needs to be responded to such as a location/resource assignment request, or approval/FYI notification assigned to one or more 25Live users. Location/resource assignment requests and approval/FYI notifications are automatically generated by the system based on your workflow setup. To Do tasks are created manually by 25Live users and can be assigned to themselves or other users.

Tasks Page

Tasks assigned to you and tasks assigned by you are displayed (and can be searched for and completed) on the Tasks page. This example shows the Tasks page in the list view.

Tasks listImage: Example of the Tasks List.

There are two ways to access the Tasks page from the 25Live Home page:

Tasks area of 25Live Home pageImage: Tasks area of 25Live Home dashboard.

  • By using the Tasks link in the Home dashboard widget
    • When you do this, the tasks in the group you clicked (described below) are shown on the Tasks page in a list view. You can change this view as needed


  • By using the Tasks link in the top navigation bar
    • When you do this, your overdue tasks (as described below) are shown on the Tasks page in a list view. You can change this view as needed

Image: Tasks link on the 25Live Home page.

Task Area Links

The links in the Tasks widget of your 25Live Home dashboard are used to access and display the tasks in each of the groups described below. If a group is not listed, there are no tasks in that group. These categories are also used as "Pre-Defined Groups" of tasks in the search view.

  • Overdue: Incomplete tasks assigned to you, due today or within the past 60 days
    • This status will be reflected with a red notification  
  • Outstanding: Incomplete tasks assigned to you, due between X days in the past and Y days in the future
  • Flagged: All tasks that are flagged for attention, due between X days in the past and Y days in the future
  • Completed: All tasks assigned to you and completed, due between X days in the past and Y days in the future
  • Assigned by You: All tasks you've assigned to other users

By default, X and Y in the searches above are each 30 days, but this can be changed in the Search Settings

Tip: Tasks on Today's Agenda

The "You have xxx Tasks on Today's Agenda" link shows you at a glance whether or not you have assigned tasks that must be completed today. When you use the link, the Tasks page in a one-week calendar view is displayed.

To View Tasks

You can do any of the following when viewing tasks on the Tasks page:

  • Use the List button to see the selected tasks in a list view, as shown above
  • Choose the columns you want to be displayed in the list view by using the Choose Columns button, selecting and/or deselecting columns, then clicking or tapping Done. Columns you can choose include:
    • Title
    • Event State
    • Task Item
    • Type (including Authorization, FYI, Assign, Unassign, To Do, etc.)
    • Status
      • The Status will display as "Various" on a multi-occurrence event with some locations or resources approved or denied
    • Actions
    • Respond By
    • First Date
    • Reference
    • Assigned By
    • Assigned To
      • Members of the System Administrator (-1) security group and the task assignee will have an Add Assignees button in this column to add additional task assignees to tasks that are not completed
        Add Assignee button
        Image: Add Assignees button for tasks that are not completed.
    • Scheduler

  • Set the page controls below the list view to go to particular pages in the task list and specify the number of tasks you want to be displayed on each page

  • Use the Calendar button to see the selected tasks in a calendar view with event times and other information
    • By default, the current week is displayed, but you can use the forward and backward arrows below the calendar display to move forward or backward in the calendar based on your view
    • Use the Weeks dropdown to view up to 16 weeks at once
    • Click or tap a date number on the calendar to see that day's task agenda
    • Click or tap on an object's name (location, resource, etc.) to view its details page
    • You can also choose to group the tasks in the calendar by Respond By Date or Occurrence Date
      • When viewing by Occurrence Date, you can see event occurrence times
      • The Display Additional Time checkbox will also be available to show additional time

Image: Example of Tasks page in the Calendar view.

  • View the details of a task in either the list or calendar view by clicking or tapping the task's link
    • This opens the Edit Task window where you can view task details, edit the task if it has not yet been completed, and/or complete the task
Note: Cancelling Tasks

A requester that has been given appropriate permissions in their security group can cancel a task.

Cancel tasks buttonsImage: Cancel button may be available under appropriate circumstances.

By default, 25Live shows tasks in 30-day ranges, but your administrator can set the range to be more or less in 25Live System Settings Search Settings.

From the Tasks page, you can also search for tasks, create and edit generic To Do tasks and complete tasks