Working with User Settings

Security Note

What you can see and do in this application depends on the security permissions associated with your 25Live user account. If you can't access something you think you should be able to, contact your 25Live Administrator.

Use the More menu in the top navigation bar to access User Settings option.

The User Settings link is located in the More menu in the top navigation bar.Image: The User Settings link is located in the More menu in the top navigation bar.

Security Note: Contact information can only be changed by users with sufficient permissions

A security group must have:

Basic: 20.0 Change Password  to alter their own password

Admin: 12.0 Create, Edit, Copy Contacts  to edit contact details

Basic: 7.0 View Contacts  to view information on the "Edit Contact Info" tab

Users without these settings can still edit their own date and time preferences and set dark mode.

Editing Your Contact Info

Contact InformationImage: Last name and work email address are the only required Contact Information fields.

The Edit Contact Info section shows a display of contact fields. Complete or change any fields you like. The only required fields are last name and work email address. Fields include:

  • Basic Information: Name, prefix or suffix, title, and internal ID (for your institution's use only)
  • Work Address
  • Home Address (your institution determines if these fields are used)
  • Email (including both work and home email addresses, an optional email signature, and an option to copy yourself on emails sent from within 25Live)

Use the Save button to continue.

Tip: The Email Signature Field Allows Formatted Text

Editing email signature in contact infoImage: The Email Signature field accepts formatting or rich text.

Use the edit icon (Edit icon) to enter an editing mode when adding your Email Signature, and use the rich text formatting controls to add color, bold, italics, and other options that are compatible within emails.

Changing Your Password

Change Your Password fieldsImage: The Change Your Password fields can be completed quickly.

  • Select Change Password
  • Enter your desired password in the New Password field
    • Note: Passwords may contain only letters, numbers, and underscore characters.
  • Confirm your password in the Confirm New Password field 
  • Select Change Password to save your changes

For directions on updating another user's password, please see Editing a Password in Group Administration.

Adjusting Your Date/Time Preferences

There are three sections of preference choices you can adjust.

1. Make Selections for Date and Time Display & Calendar Start Day

Date and Time optionsImage: Choices include date order, time display format, and calendar start day.

Complete the Date and Time Display fields to update your current date/time preferences. A helpful date and time example is displayed above the fields that change to reflect your selections, which includes:

  • Date Order
  • Time Display
  • Calendar Start Day - Week start day: This option changes the weekday you want to be displayed first in your calendar views.
    • Note: This preference does not affect the start day in reports that display calendars.
Note: Your Date and Time Preferences Are Used in Emails

Your chosen date and time preferences will also be used for the date format in emails sent within the application by your 25Live contact.

2. Set Your Availability View Display Hours

The sliders are used to choose default open and close hours for availability views.Animation: The sliders are used to choose default open and close hours for availability views.

You can choose default open and close hours for availability views (such as in Location details and Resource details views) using the sliders. For example, settings of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm specify that grids will show activity from 9:00 AM through 4:59 PM.

3. Adjust Your Time Zone

These Settings Are Only For Your User

Changing your time zone affects only your personal environment for viewing and specifying event times. Your updated preferences won't take effect until you reload your browser.

To set your timezone preference, make a selection from the dropdown menu.

4. Optionally Choose to Turn on Dark Mode

User setting for Dark ModeImage: Toggle the setting to Yes to turn on Dark Mode.

25Live Pro offers you the option to switch to a darker theme by toggling the setting for Dark Mode to Yes.

Dark Mode turned on for 25Live ProImage: Example of 25Live Pro home screen with Dark Mode turned on.

Some users prefer the darker theme to reduce eye strain, use the application in darker environments, save battery power on some devices, or to improve accessibility for users with low vision or light sensitivities.

5. Confirm and Optionally Reload the Application

Use the Update Preferences button to save your selections. You may need to reload the application to see changes.