Setting Up the 25Live Viewer Seat

What Is the Viewer Seat?

The 25Live Viewer Seat is a special 25Live user account whose setup determines the functionality and information available to “Viewers” – all users not signed in to 25Live. The working environment of the Viewer Seat is set up by means of functional security, object security, and the Seat’s own user preferences and starred objects.

The Viewer Seat:

  • Is a 25Live user account with a unique user sign-in ID that the system recognizes as the manager of the “view only” 25Live environment.
  • Should be the only member of its own 25Live “view only” security group whose functional security and object security permissions are defined and maintained by your 25Live administrator.
  • Should be maintained by an experienced 25Live user who signs in as the Viewer Seat to manage aspects of the user environment for the non-signed-in Viewer, including setting date/time formats and starring events, locations, and resources for viewing.
  • Should not be used for event scheduling or publishing. Because the settings and security for the Viewer Seat serve a specific purpose, the Seat’s sign-in ID should never be used for scheduling or publishing.

The Viewer Seat Setup Process

Part of the application configuration for 25Live and Series25 WebServices provided by CollegeNET support staff is giving you the username and password of the 25Live sign-in user who will perform the duties of the 25Live Viewer Seat, after which you define your Viewer Seat environment. This is the process:

  1. CollegeNET support staff install 25Live and create the Viewer Seat, then provide you with the Viewer Seat username and password.
  2. Your 25Live administrator sets up the appropriate functional and object security for your Viewer Seat environment. See Setting Up Security For the Viewer Seat.
  3. After security setup is complete, the user at your site who is fulfilling the duties of the Viewer Seat signs in to 25Live with the username/ password provided by CollegeNET and performs tasks that further define your view-only environment. See Setting Up the Viewer Seat Environment.

How the Viewer Seat's 25Live Environment Is Defined

This diagram illustrates how the 25Live environment of "Viewers" is defined both by the user signed in to the Viewer Seat account and by the functional and object security set up by the administrator in the Series25 Group Administration.

Diagram of viewer seat permission examples

Don't Designate the Viewer Seat as the "Public Search Username"

Don't designate the Viewer Seat as the "Public Search Username" in 25Live. Create a separate user with its own security group for this purpose whose sole task will be creating the "public" searches available to all 25Live users, both those signed in and "Viewers." Specifying the Public Search Username is described in the 25Live help. The security required to enable searching is described in the Series25 Group Administration.