X25 Modeling

X25 analytics


Learn the basic concepts of modeling in X25 Analytics.


A CollegeNET consultant provides a training session on using X25 Analytics modeling.  The training is provided using the Customer's data in their X25 environment.  Prior to the session, the consultant reviews the Customer's proposed X25 snapshot to ensure that the data captured is appropriate and to familiarize themselves with Customer's scheduling data.  Customer provides a possible scenario that they would like to investigate during the training (e.g., the effects of taking a building offline).  Topics include:

  • Model setup and creation
  • Creating and leveraging Event and Location lists for various modeling scenarios
  • Applying appropriate Transformations to Event and Location lists
  • Defining schedule Time Mappings
  • Performing Simulation runs and assessing the results
  • Generating an X25 Analytics snapshot from Simulation results for continued analysis

Intended Audience

25Live/X25 administrators, academic schedulers, campus facilities or campus planning personnel, or anyone interested in running simulations involving space change on campus.


The CollegeNET consultant will lead one (1), 3-hour remote meeting (via Zoom) on a date and time to be mutually agreed upon.  There may be additional contact outside of the consulting session via email or conference call.


  • X25 must be currently licensed.
  • Customer's X25 Analytics site must contain at least one recent, complete snapshot of academic course data (i.e., a recent term's worth of academic classes). A viable snapshot must be loaded at least one week prior to the scheduled training.
  • A computer with internet access and an acceptable, up-to-date browser for use with X25 Analytics (i.e., Firefox or Chrome only)
  • Access to the X25 Analytics tools via your 25Live environment
  • CollegeNET recommends the use of videoconferencing for all remote sessions

Please contact your CollegeNET Account manager for pricing and scheduling details. (Series25 Account Management)