X25 Analytics Video Walkthroughs

The following videos are excerpted from CollegeNET's X25 Analytics webinar in March 2021. CollegeNET hosts webinars on new topics every month.

X25 Analytics Demo

Read more: What is X25 Analytics?

Logging in and Viewing Projects

Read more: Accessing X25 Analytics

Creating Snapshots

Read more: Projects and Snapshots

Setting Up Data Filters

Read more: X25 Analytics Data Filters

Schedule Distribution Report and Standard Meeting Schedules

Read more: Schedule Distribution Report

Passing Times Traffic Report

Read more: Passing Times Traffic Report

Event Distribution Report

Read more: Event Distribution Report

Traffic Map Report

Read more: Traffic Map Report

Room vs Seat Utilization Report

Read more: Room vs Seat Utilization Report

Sharing Reports With Others

Read more: Sharing X25 Analytics Reports

Table View

Read more: Viewing Snapshot Data as a Table

Optimizer Modeling: Setting up Lists and Transformations

Read more: Optimizer Lists in X25 Analytics Modeling and Optimizer Simulation Transformations

Optimizer Modeling: Running Simulations

Read more: Modeling Optimizer Simulations in X25 Analytics

Optimizer Modeling: Setting Up Time Mappings

Read more: Defining Time Mappings