X25 Analytics Project Settings

The Settings in X25 Analytics, under the Projects tab, contain several global configuration options which affect reports and metrics found within this tab.

Image: Project Settings are located in the left-hand menu.

There are four subsections of Settings in the left-hand menu:

  • Breakpoint Lists lets you set up X25 breakpoints, used to group data by headcount or location capacity. For example, a breakpoint list of 0, 20, 40, 80 will cause reports to display locations in groups where the capacity is between 0-19, 20-39, 40-79, and 80+.
  • Default Data Filter is where you configure the default set of filter parameters which narrow down a snapshot. Filter options let you limit the analyzed classes to a certain time range or configure how headcount is calculated for bound classes.
  • Standard Schedules lets you define the standard meeting patterns used in places like the Schedule Distribution Report. This tells X25 whether a class conforms to an approved time block schedule.
  • Time Mappings are used by Optimizer simulations to model changes to your scheduling patterns. For example, you can see the hypothetical effects of changing all your 50-minute Monday-Wednesday-Friday classes into 75-minute Tuesday-Thursday meeting times.

Project Security

X25 Analytics allows you to adjust security permissions per project.

  • Select a project with a radio button

  • Use the Security button below the project list to open the security display
    You can then specify permissions for each group with access to the application, choosing from allowing:

    • Edit, Delete, Copy
    • Edit, Copy
    • View Only

Image:  You can set security per project and per security group.

  • Use the Close button to exit the display and save changes