Working with the Custom Reports List in Eval25

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When you access the Custom Reports page from the Configuration menu, you are presented with a list of reports. There are several actions you can perform from this page, as described below.

Example list of custom reports.Image: Example list of custom reports.

  • Report Title: The name of the report. You can click the name to access the report.
  • Report Type: The type of report. Currently, “Course” is the only report type supported by Eval25.
  • Access: Who can access this report.
  • Live: Whether the report has been published (is live) or not. Once you publish the report, it immediately goes live and can be viewed in the Report Browser.
  • Tasks:
    • Edit/View Icon - If the Edit icon is available, click it to edit the report. If the report has been published, this icon is replaced by a magnifying glass icon. Click the magnifying glass icon to view the report.
    • Publish Icon - Click this icon to publish the report and make it live and available to users with access. Alternatively, there may be an icon to unpublish.
    • Delete Icon - Click this icon to delete the report and remove it from the Custom Reports.
    • Clone Icon - Click the link to clone (copy) the report and create a new report based on its components, sections, access, and so on.
      Icons left to right: Edit, Publish, Delete, Clone.Image: Icons left to right: Edit, Publish, Delete, Clone
  • Priority: Priority dictates the priority of the reports in the dropdown menu located at the upper right of all course reports. The lower the number, the higher it displays.