Winter 2024 - 25Live Reports Patches


  • New - Standard report—Building Location Timeline—shows reservation occurrence activity plotted on a timeline as a shaded cell, grouped by Date, Building, and Location
  • New - Document Management template variables:

    • Occurrence Pricing Table, Short: ws.SpaceShortResourceOccurrencePricingTable
    • Occurrence Pricing Table, Short, No Time: ws.SpaceShortResourceOccurrenceNoRsrvTimePricingTable
    • Occurrence Pricing Table, Long: ws.SpaceLongResourceOccurrencePricingTable
    • Occurrence Pricing Table, Long, No Time: ws.SpaceLongResourceOccurrenceNoRsrvTimePricingTable
    • Related Occurrence Pricing Table, Short: ws.SpaceShortResourceRelatedOccurrencePricingTable
    • Related Occurrence Pricing Table, Short, No Time: ws.SpaceShortResourceRelatedOccurrenceNoRsrvTimePricingTable
    • Related Occurrence Pricing Table, Long: ws.SpaceLongResourceRelatedOccurrencePricingTable
    • Related Occurrence Pricing Table, Long, No Time: ws.SpaceLongResourceRelatedOccurrenceNoRsrvTimePricingTable
  • Other fixes and improvements:

    • The Group Security - Excel report now reflects the following Group Administration security settings:
      • Tool Access: 5.0 Access to Outlook Sync Administration Tool
      • Tool Access: 6.0 Access to Google Calendar Integration Tool
      • Administrative: 31.0 Allow Subscription
      • Custom assignment policies
    • Added a new blackout notes field to the Location Blackout Dates - Excel report
    • The Import Tool Template - Orgs - Excel output now includes Organization Title data


  • Report names can now be up to 65 characters long
  • Fixed issue where updating the days of the week on a weekly scheduled report would retain the old day of the week in addition to the new days
  • Scheduled reports with Start Date and End Date parameters can now have a Start Date that begins up to 999 days in the past and an End Date that ends 999 days after the Start Date


  • Fixed issue where the Location Activity Date/Time Grid report would ignore "Day of The Week" checkbox selections