WebOptics™ Qualitative Analysis Report

The WebOptics Qualitative Analysis report allows you to search through qualitative comments and view a word cloud pulled from your qualitative comments in the results. Word clouds help visualize your responses by displaying the most used words in varying sizes. The more a specific word appears in your comments, the bigger it appears in the word cloud.

Qualitative analysis exampleImage: WebOptics Qualitative Analysis word cloud and comments.

How to run a WebOptics Qualitative Analysis Report

1. Open the WebOptics Qualitative Analysis report from the the Reports Dropdown

Word cloud exampleImage: Word cloud.

2. Select a Term to Explore

Select Term example options.Image: Select Term example options.

3. (Optional) Add an Additional Filter of School, Department, or Instructor

Add Filter example options.Image: Add Filter example options.

Select which School, Department, or Instructor to filter by.

School example optionsImage: School example options.

4. (Optional) Click a Word From the Word Cloud or Use the Search Field

This will reveal all comments using that word below the search bar.

Example search using the word Image: Example search to find comments using the "Engaged" keyword.