Warning: LYNX Hyperguard detected more than 80,000 changes

What does the LYNX Hyperguard warning mean?

The LYNX Hyperguard warning indicates that too many changes (80,000+) were submitted during a short window of time, and in order to protect the load on the Lynx servers the changes were ignored.

Image: In the example above, there were 100,368 changes made to the CONT_EMAIL table in the LYNX database. 

The error will indicate how many changes were made, and to which table(s). Your database administrator would be the best resource for figuring out how and why the changes were made, but there are a couple of common scenarios:

  • If your LYNX instance is online after a long period of being offline
  • If your institution has recently copied your SIS production instance to your SIS test instance
  • If your institution has recently implemented an automated process in your database that moves data from one table to another

How do I correct the warning?

To get your terms back in sync, you'll need to perform a Term initialization for any active terms.

Warning: Use caution when reinitializing term data

If changes were made in your SIS and 25Live while LYNX was not importing changes, it is possible to overwrite data when reinitializing. If this is a concern, please contact support@collegenet.com before initializing active terms.

To bring changes over, go to the LYNX dashboard More > Utilities > SIS Data Initialization > and select Initialize Course Section Data for any active terms in LYNX that you would like in sync with your SIS.