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Training and Consulting Options

Why should I use virtual training?

Our implementation and training services are tailored to help your unique implementation of Series25 tools fit your needs. Virtual training classes are available for retraining or to learn about additional product functionality. Our workshops and classes are taught according to a “Train-the-Trainer” model, including content and training materials, which could be used by your trainers to train additional users. Consulting/training is scheduled based on the mutual availability of your staff members and your CollegeNET consultant.

How do I determine what service I need?

The table below outlines the standard services that we offer virtually. Clicking on each one gives you a more detailed description of the topics covered, and in some cases even a video. You can also reach out to your account manager at for additional guidance. 

How do I schedule virtual training for my team?

Send an email to your account manager at to begin the scheduling process today!

Remote Opportunity

Group admin tool, 25live, system settings

Series25 Administrative ServicesTranslating your institution's business practices, scheduling workflows, and preferences into Series25 can be a complex, ongoing job. Most colleges and universities maintain a Series25 Functional Administrator position to have someone responsible for configuration, reviewing new functionality, requestor/approver training, and maintaining the environment. This role can be challenging to fill at some institutions, given turnover and the immediate need for an experienced professional. To assist with this challenge, we are offering the opportunity to bring an experienced CollegeNET consultant in to help with this position's responsibilities. 

25live dashboard

25Live Administration and Configuration

This training will spend up to 12 hours to explore best practices for setting up and maintaining your 25Live environment. Topics covered will include setting up and maintaining Master Definitions and Data Records for Events, Locations, Resources, Organizations and Contacts, implementing all three levels of security, setting up workflow in 25Live, customizing the Event Form, and restricting requesting windows based on security group.

25live dashboard

Advanced Functional AdministrationThis training explores the functionality in 25Live Pro that is specifically designed for the Functional Administrator including custom event confirmation emails, event form rules, embedded forms, calendars and availability grids, bulk editing and more.  

Pricing settings

Pricing ImplementationWant to use Pricing and Invoicing but don't have time to implement it? Let a CollegeNET consultant do the work for you! During this Pricing implementation consulting service, you'll work with a CollegeNET consultant to collect your rates for campus location rentals and resource charges which will then be used to build that information into your environment. Once that's complete, you'll receive additional training so you can maintain that information as it changes. 

25live dashboard

Scheduling in 25LiveThis training covers a broad range of topics including 25Live navigation, event creation, location assignment, complex event scheduling, and task management.

publisher oveview, publisher dashboard, and calendars

Using 25Live PublisherParticipants explore how to administer and maintain calendars for web publishing.  The training covers web publishing functionality, basic security set up for publisher users, creating and maintaining search feeds, and customizing the web publishing interface. 

Schedule25 Optimizer

Using Schedule25 OptimizerThis training teaches academic schedulers how to prepare all data used by the Schedule25 Optimizer in your 25Live environment. Participants learn how to run the Optimizer, analyze results and troubleshoot problems.

The 25Live Academic CycleThis training teaches academic administrators how to prepare data in the Student Information System (SIS) and 25Live environments for interface operations. Participants learn to configure and run the interface, troubleshoot import/export messages, prepare for using Schedule25 Optimizer, and import room assignments back into the SIS.

25live pricing settings

25Live Pricing TrainingThis training, designed for Functional Administrators and Event Schedulers, explores how to set up, test and use the Pricing and Invoicing functionality in 25Live. Participants define the groups they charge, taxes, and even the rates for locations, resources, requirements and event types use on events. They then practice generating estimate reports, adding adjustments and running invoices.

Quick Start ImplementationUsing the "train-the-trainer" model, functional administrators and key primary schedulers are trained and ready to use 25Live Pro by the conclusion of this set of remote services. 

25live master definitions

Functional Administration RetrainingThis training is designed to help new Functional Administers on campus learn how to maintain your Series25 environment. Topics covered include an overview of 25Live master definitions, the event hierarchy, object data (events, locations, resources, organizations and contacts), security settings (functional security, object security and assignment policy) and event form settings. It will also include user training and reporting as time permits.


Implementing Series25 SecurityThis training is designed to help Functional Administrators who need to setup security in their Series25 environment but potentially don't have the time or resources to do so. Our CollegeNET consultants will review the current security in your environment and will set up new Functional Security, Assignment Policy and Object Security based on spreadsheets provided by you. Once that's complete, our consultant will provide training on the new security setup and how to maintain that security going forward. 

event hierarchy

Remote Cabinet RestructureTired of copying your cabinet from year to year or even term to term? This consulting service helps participants move to a simplified 25Live Oriented event structure with CollegeNET's best practices in mind.

x25 report charts

Remote Using X25 AnalyticsThe training teaches participants how to generate X25 reports and use the reports to perform analysis to address specific questions related to classroom utilization.

x25 treemaps

X25 Modeling

Learn the basic concepts of modeling in X25 Analytics which allows users to run simulations of space change on their campus.

X25 analytics

X25 Orientation Services

X25 Orientations provide the opportunity to participate in one or two "how to" sessions on using X25 Analytics.  Learn to prepare 25Live data for use with X25 in Orientation I, and learn the basic concepts necessary for using X25 in Orientation II.

x25 chart

Series25 Analytics Custom Consulting

Need assistance answering classroom or space planning questions for your campus?  Consider a custom consulting service designed to help you meet your specific space scheduling analytic needs.

Group admin tool, 25live, system settings

Consultation Request FormThis one-on-one consulting is a simple and affordable solution. A CollegeNET Consultant can be scheduled to provide a single remote session to ensure your Series25 success.

Additional Information

Licensing of the specific CollegeNET products covered in any given training class is a prerequisite for enrolling in that specific course. Additionally, recording of live classes is not permitted. If you have additional questions about registering for consulting, paying for consulting or arranging accommodations please send an email to