Evaluation Response Rate & Status Tracking in Eval25

You can use Eval25 Reporting tools to see information graphics tracking the responses for a selected term across your institution, and for your school and the departments within it and see response rates by course.

Status Tracking Page Breakdown

By Term

Status tracking page under the reports tabImage: Status Tracking by Term example.

  • Term — Select the term you want to see response rates for. Only current and past evaluation terms are listed.
  • Form — Select the form you want to see response rates for.
  • Response Rate by Day graph (upper-left) — An interactive graph showing response rate percentages
    • Click on various points of the graph to select time ranges for the data display.
  • Response Breakdown chart (upper-right) — A pie chart showing the percentage and number of students who have completed their evaluations, have declined to evaluate, and have not yet completed their evaluations.
  • Response Rate by School

Response rate by department in school arts and sciences. Responses rat by course in department anthropology.Image: Tapping on a bar in the graph or a line on the chart, will populate additional information.

  • Bar chart
    • Hover your mouse over the associated bar to see the number and percentage of submitted (answered)/declined evaluations for that school.
    • Click any bar to populate detailed response rate information by course within a department
  • Table (press the chevron arrow to scroll to the table view)
    • Click any line in the table to "drill down" and populate additional information below the table.
    • Adjust the list sorting by clicking the column header you want to sort by.
    • If there are more than 10 courses displayed, use the navigation controls below the list to go to the course(s) you want to see.
  • Downloads for Term — Allows you to save the list of students who have or have not completed their evaluations for a selected term by clicking Download.

Calendar View

The calendar view uses red, orange, yellow, and green squares to summarise evaluation submission rates by day. The more intense the color (white to red), the more submissions on that day. You can hover over any day to see the exact number of evaluations submitted on that day.

Status tracking calendar viewImage: Status Tracking Calendar View.