Viewing Course Evaluation Results in Eval25

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Use the Eval25 Report Browser to see the evaluations for selected groups of courses in your school and/or department. 

Security Note

Access to the Report Browser is typically restricted to department heads and deans.

Using the Report Browser

1. Choose Report Browser from the Reports menu.

Example report browser page with results.Image: Choose your search criteria from the Term, School, Department, Instructor, and Course sections.

2. Select the Course You're Interested in

Look through the appropriate entries from the lists. These lists are customized for your school.

In the example above, the user has selected to view data for courses that match the following criteria:

  • The term is Satellite Campus Fall 2013
  • The school is Business Administration
  • The department is Information Systems

The Report Browser allows users to select multiple items (Terms, Schools, Departments, Instructors) when filtering items for reports. Use the Ctrl key (Windows) or Command key (Mac) and click to select multiple items at once.

Locate the course you'd like to view evaluation information for and select the View link.

3. Choose an Action to Take

Once you've landed on the Ratings Summary page, you can:


Reports can be selected from a dropdown menu located at the top right of each report page. Report options within the dropdown menus vary based on custom reports you have created. If you have not created any custom reports, only the default reports are listed. They can be unpublished and replaced by other reports if your school desires to do so.

See Evaluation Response Rate & Status Tracking for more information.