Viewing and Modifying Event Pricing

Security Note

To view the Pricing tab of an event, a user must have the following permissions:

  • Basic: 4.0 View Pricing on Events OR Basic: 4.1 Edit Pricing on Events permissions in Series25 Group Administration
  • Full Object Security permissions to the event, OR
  • Be the Scheduler contact role

On the Pricing tab of an event, you can:

  •  Review and adjust the pricing values calculated automatically for the event and each of its occurrences 
  •  Make additional changes to pricing criteria 
  •  Access the 25Live Accounting tool (if it's been set up for your institution) to create, review, edit, and send invoices for individual organization clients; to track payments and overall client activity; and to generate aging and other reports. If you're using 25Live Accounting, a Summary of the current invoicing status of organization sponsor(s) appears near the top of the event Pricing view.
  • Combine event pricing for related events

Image: Example of a single event's pricing view.

To Modify Pricing

You can do any of the following:

  • Refresh This Event's Pricing - If changes have been made to the event since pricing data was initially generated—such as adding new resources or removing locations—you can update the pricing information by clicking this button. 
  • Pricing Date - Use the text field to specify the latest date that can be used to select rate schedules to apply to event pricing.
    (The effective date of eligible rate schedules must be the same as, or earlier than, the event pricing date.)
    •  Pricing values in the form may change depending on the date you specify here. 
    •  You can't change the Pricing Date once an event sponsor organization has been invoiced via 25Live Accounting.
Tip: Making Multiple Pricing Edits Quickly

If you make multiple updates to pricing too quickly for the system to be able to update data in the proper order, look for a warning message indicating that pricing may need to be updated, then update the pricing view using the Refresh Refresh icon icon.

  • Rate Group - Use the Update All Items to Rate Group dropdown menu to modify the rate group for the entire event. Only active rate groups will be selectable.
    • If you only need to modify the rate group for individual items, use dropdown menus in the Rate Group column of the table below.

Rate group column in pricingImage: You can change the rate group for the entire event or for individual items.

  • Adjustments - Tap or click Add in the Adjustments column for a line item to open the form where you can enter and save an adjustment to that list price. Adjustments can be made for the entire event from the Line Item View or on individual occurrences from the Occurrence View.
    Occurrence view tab in pricingImage: Adjustment and Charge To updates for individual occurrences can be made in the Occurrence View tab .
    • You can also change the rate schedule and rate group to apply to a line item when it's being adjusted. Click Save to complete your change. 
    • Use the edit icon to update any existing adjustments.
    • Click Delete within the editing window to remove an adjustment from the event. 
  • Charging to an Organization - Use the dropdown in the Charge To column for a line item to change the client organization responsible for the charge, if multiple organizations have been attached to the event. Charge updates can be made for the entire event from the Line Item View or on individual occurrences from the Occurrence View.
    • When you change the responsible organization in the Charge To column, the line item is moved to a separate section with pricing for that organization client.
  • Combine Related Events - Select the Combine Related Events checkbox to merge the pricing lines of all related events into your table. Selecting this box will also add a Reference column to your pricing table which displays the event reference number associated with each line item.
Tip: Hide Zero Dollar Line Items

Use the Hide No-Charge Items checkbox, above the Summary, to hide all items that have a total of $0. Use the icon next to the line item name to hide only that item.

25Live Accounting

For information on the 25Live Accounting tool, see the articles on 25Live Accounting (for Administrators).