Using the Featured Events Custom Attribute on Events in 25Live

Once the back-end database setup is complete, you are ready to start using the new Featured Events custom attribute on your events in 25Live. 

For the Featured Events level to function appropriately, you will need to enter the same label you used in building the Featured Events drop-down list in 25Live Publisher.  So, if you added one featured event level named Premier in 25Live Publisher, you will need to type, Premier, into the Featured Events custom attribute field when you are building your event in 25Live.

To build a featured event in 25Live:

  1. Begin building an event with the 25Live Event Form.  The critical element that determines whether or not the Featured Events custom attribute will appear is your event type.  As long as the custom attribute was attached to the event type, you will see the field later in the event form.
    the event type field in the event formImage: Custom attributes can only be added to events that have the correct event types. 
  2. When you get to the Custom Attributes section of the Event Form, locate the attribute Featured Events, and enter the featured event level you defined earlier.
    Featured Event text field in the event form.Image: Featured Event text field in the event form. 
  3. Once you save your event (and depending upon how your calendar feeds are set up), your event will start appearing on the 25Live Publisher calendars as a featured event.
    Featured Event custom attribute in the custom attribute section of the Event Details.Image: Featured Event custom attribute in the Event Details.