Using System Tags with Security Groups

Some of the many Master Definition items you can create in 25Live are System Tags, categorizing labels that are applied to master definition items to help when filtering and searching. Group Administration allows you to also use existing tags you already created in 25Live with security groups to control which items associated with each System Tag group members can see. 

To Add or Remove System Tags on Groups

animation of editing system tags in GroupsImage: Illustration of editing system tags on security groups.

1. Select Groups and Configure System Tags

Configure menuImage: Select one or more groups then choose System Tags in the Configure menu.

Just as you would do when configuring security, object security, or almost anything else in Groups, select one or more groups, then use the Configure... menu. Choose System Tags.

Tip: Filtering Your View By Tags

Filter boxImage: Use the filter box above the tag name column to shorten your list by keywords or partial words.

Above the column list of tags is a filter box you can type in to filter which system tags are shown. Everyone can filter by any Tag regardless of which tags their group is allowed to see. This is handy for shortening a very long list of tags for faster editing.

2. Select or Deselect Associated Tags

System Tags viewImage: Use the checkboxes to add or remove a tag from a group then save.

Check or uncheck the boxes in the columns for each of your selected groups to add or remove each tag from the security group. Checking a tag for the group means that the group will be able to see all Master Definition items tagged with that label.

Change All columnImage: The Change All column will check or uncheck all boxes across a line.

The Change All column will check or uncheck all groups on a system tag line in the table.

3. Save

Use the Save button to save your changes. The Cancel button will remove changes while leaving you in the same view.