Using Manual Email Templates

In addition to using email templates with the Event Save Email feature, manual templates can be created to use in other email functions within 25Live.

Tip: You Need Access to "Create Scenario" to Create an Email Template

If you're having trouble finding the manual template creation, you need to go through the option of creating or editing a scenario first, as described in the steps below.

How to Create a Manual Email Template

Two related topics will give you the necessary information to create and use manual email templates.

1. Follow the Steps for Creating Email Templates

Locations of Create Template and Manual Template optionsImage: An essential element to creating a manual email template is to set the Manual Template toggle when creating or editing.

Go to the Template Settings heading in System Settings > Event Save Email. Next, click Add Template. In the new template form, toggle Manual Template? to Yes.

See Creating, Copying, and Editing Email Templates for more detail.

2. Use the New Manual Template

You can specify a template to use when Emailing Event Details (help topic).

Tip: Populating the Event Owner Email Address

When sending manual emails using a template, an administrator can use 'object owner’ in to To field to check the "Event Owner" checkbox and populate their email.