Using Dark Mode in the Series25 Group Administration Tool

Dark Mode turned onImage: Example of Group Administration home screen with Dark Mode turned on.

The Series25 Group Administration tool offers you the option to switch to a darker theme. Some users prefer the darker theme to reduce eye strain, use the application in darker environments, save battery power on some devices, or improve accessibility for users with low vision or light sensitivities.

To Turn on Dark Mode

1. Go to Preferences

The User Settings link is located in the More menu in the top navigation bar.Image: The Preferences sectionis located in the More menu in the top navigation bar.

Use the More menu in the top navigation bar to open the Preferences menu section.

2. Open the Display Settings 

As illustrated in the image above, the Display Settings link is in the Preferences menu section. Tap or click on it to open the settings.

3. Toggle Dark Mode On

Dark mode toggleImage: Use the toggle to turn on Dark Mode.

Use the Enable Dark Mode toggle to turn the setting on. Exit the dialog with the Close button.