Under-Enrollment Report

The Under-Enrollment Report in X25's Section Analytics area indicates when sections have a significantly lower registered headcount than their enrollment maximum.

You can use this information to manage course offerings in your student information system (SIS).

Under-Enrollment report.Image: Under-Enrollment report.

Above the report, set a target maximum percentage. A section is considered "under-enrolled" if its enrollment ratio is below this target.

The report table includes the following columns:

  • Term Code
  • Institution Code
  • Region Code
  • Campus Code
  • Department Code
  • Subject Code: This corresponds to the section's organization when imported to 25Live
  • Course Number: This appears in the section's name when imported to 25Live
  • Section Number: This appears in the section's name when imported to 25Live
  • CRN: The section's Course Record Number or unique identifier (appears in section name)
  • EHC: Expected Head Count (based on maximum enrollment)
  • RHC: Registered Head Count
  • Fill Rate(%):  Under-enrollment percentage (registered headcount divided by expected headcount)
  • Instructor(s): All instructors associated with the section are included
  • Location: If the section has been assigned a location in the SIS, it is displayed here
    • Name
    • Capacity
    • EHC Utilization(%)
    • RHC Utilization(%)

Only sections whose RHC is significantly more than EHC are displayed (i.e., where Fill % is lower than the target).