Training Resources

This page is your central hub for all Series25 training resources. Items might include PDF documents, web pages, and other helpful information. If you're looking for more general information, please see the main 25Live Customer Resources home page, or try one of these links: Product Help,  About Series25, or Community

Series25 Administrative Services

Translating your institution's business practices, scheduling workflows, and preferences into Series25 can be a complex, ongoing job. Most colleges and universities maintain a Series25 Functional Administrator position to have someone responsible for configuration, reviewing new functionality, requestor/approver training, and maintaining the environment. This role can be challenging to fill at some institutions, given turnover and the immediate need for an experienced professional. To assist with this challenge, we are offering the opportunity to bring an experienced CollegeNET consultant in to help with this position's responsibilities. 

Virtual Consulting

This link leads to our remote training and consulting offerings. Need help with the Academic Cycle? Trying to set up Pricing and Invoicing? The Professional Services Team has you covered!

In Portland Classes

Travel to Portland, Oregon, and learn along with other schools during our In Portland class sessions. Click the link for more information.

On-site Consulting

On-site consulting brings a member of the Professional Services team to your school. Click the link to view the current list of consulting with custom options to allow you to design the exact service you need!

Series25 Academic Cycle

This link will take you to the home page for articles, tutorials, and best practices related to the Academic Cycle in Series25. 

25Live Publisher Overview

Check out our new 25Live Publisher Overview article that walks you through setting up your security and searches in 25Live, to publishing your feeds, styling your calendars, and embedding the spud code in your environment.